Hi! I’m Antoinette Gaskins Mattingly, owner and ceramic artist here at Kinnakeet Clay. I’d like to tell you a little bit about my world… ours is a welcoming and laid back place, so go ahead, get comfy and stay a while.

Kinnakeet Clay – Studio & Showroom is proof that great things can come in small packages. In 2011, after eight years of traveling to art shows, I made a decision to stay home and open a shop to showcase my work. Where better than right here in my home village of Avon (historically known by the old Indian name, Kinnakeet)? With the help of my good friend, the super-creative Beth Hayes, I set about creating a comfy and welcoming store. Our goal is to catch your breath as you walk through the door. We want you to love to stay and explore, to get excited about the layers of high-quality, handmade treasures and to feel at home in our ‘salt-crusted, vintage beach cottage’ inspired shop.

Once inside Kinnakeet Clay, you will find Beth or me working on some of our smaller clay items in the tiny studio portion of the shop. More importantly, you will discover a stellar collection of local and regional pottery (including my own decorative and functional pieces), art and fine craft. We aim to create a ‘shopping oasis’ with a strong focus on a fun shopping experience.

I have far more ideas than time! Most days you’ll find Beth in the shop while I am working in my home studio to keep up with production. We create many, many decorative and functional clay products… the list just keeps growing! There is always something new coming out of the kilns and into the shop. Like the weather here on Hatteras Island, things change quickly at Kinnakeet Clay! Whether you’re looking for pottery, wall art, textiles, home décor, self adornment or locally made pet treats, we have it covered in our Out-oF-Ordinary collection.

We invite you to come visit a while and explore Kinnakeet Clay – Studio & Showroom. We sincerely LOVE it here and hope you will as well.

Who is Antoinette Gaskins Mattingly?

Well, I am a fourth generation artist living and working in the old fishing village of Kinnakeet with my husband, Captain Bryan Mattingly, three nearly grown, super cool kids (his and mine), Sparky the dog and MuMu the crazy black cat. Our little sand bar is known as Cape Hatteras and is the eastern most point of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It takes a certain kind of salt to live here. But if you love it, and we sure do, it’s the only place on earth for you! I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work as a full time potter and ceramic artist since 2003. It has been wonderful to work from my home studio as our kids went from elementary school through high school. Life is good.

As the kids continue in (Foster) and enter into (Olivia and Sumner) their college careers, the hubs and I hope to follow the warmth and head south for the winter. We aim to spend our winters working in the Keys… I’ll keep you updated on that plan as the details reveal themselves.

Growing up the fourth generation in a family of artists, I tried many mediums over the years and enjoyed each of them in their time. I can see bits and pieces of past artistic endeavors in the work that I create today. I fell in love with clay about ten years ago and am still amazed and inspired by its malleable nature. With clay, you have the opportunity to freeze a chosen moment in time. Each day presents a challenge to push the clay a little further than the day before. I truly enjoy my work and hope that you will as well.